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About Bryan

Bryan is a successful, high energy small business creator and employer who makes his home and contributes to his community in the Newark area. Bryan has fresh ideas, proven credentials, and will be an effective leader. 

He married his wife, Heather, in 1983.  Since then they have built their remarkable lives together.  Bryan has deep roots in Newark and a desire to maintain and improve the quality of life in our area.  

Now he and Heather are celebrating 35 years together with their two adopted children, Ryan and Amy.  Bryan is a Deacon at Bible Fellowship Church of Newark, has coached flag football with his son, volunteered with Family Promise, a non-profit working with homeless families, and worked with Love Inc.  He was also President of a local car club working to provide reliable automobiles to families in need.

Bryan was motivated to campaign for office because of the bitter division and party politics he saw in our government.  This division produced gridlock and failure.  Bryan pledges to dignify and bring respect to the office.  Bryan feels that he represents the people, not a political party.  Because he is well-mannered, good-natured, and a polished small business professional, Bryan will dignify our District with fresh leadership.  These skills are excellent preparation for public office.  They are also characteristics of someone who is open to collaboration. 

Today, Bryan seeks your support to renew our commitment to public education in Delaware.  The single best thing government can do for its people is to ensure our youth are prepared for the future.  Bryan will ensure our children can recognize and seize opportunity for internships, vocational training, and jobs as they start and develop their careers.  Bryan also understands the need for a commitment to no nonsense safety in our schools so our children get the opportunity to succeed in life. 

Bryan believes in the wise and prudent use of government resources.  He will explore the best ways to deploy our tax dollars to make state government more efficient with delivering the services we have come to expect and enjoy.  Bryan also understands that small business is a major source of entrepreneurship, innovation, and wealth.  It's also a vital component of our tax base.  Bryan will work to bring clean small businesses to Delaware.  These business will employ Delaware residents as well.

Bryan plans to walk our neighborhoods continuously from now until the election.  We welcome questions and ideas from the people who live in our community.  Bryan looks forward to having you as a supportive constituent!  


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