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Campaign Update

“As a former Newark High School Yellow-jacket, University of Delaware football player, and a life-long Democrat, I am so excited to cast my vote for Republican Bryan Rash this November. I was born in the 25th district; my family has been here since 1967. My father and uncle were both heavily involved with the Democratic Party. “

“As a life-long Democrat, I am disappointed in what our party has become. From the extreme focus on impeaching the president, the Democratic Party has become out of touch with its voters. “It’s time” for a change not only in our district but Dover.”

“We need somebody who holds principles and not promises, someone who will bring integrity to Dover and end the name calling. We need someone who will invest in and appreciate the innovation coming from the University of Delaware, whether it’s the Delaware First project or the S.T.A.R Health Campus.”

“My family and I 100% support Bryan Rash and I call on all Democrats to give Bryan a chance to bring a better future to Dover. Do it for your kids and our future!

-David, Democrat from Newark

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