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Bryan Rash will be a great legislator for our community.  Bryan's parents hired me to be their lawyer many, many years ago.  I continued to be their lawyer and over the years met their son, Bryan and later, his wife.  I became their lawyer too.  As a person who knows Bryan very well, I can assure you he will be an outstanding Delaware State Representative. 

Bryan is a person with strong family values.  He is a very kind and caring person, and as a result, he is active in community affairs.  Bryan is a small business operator who understands what is necessary to grow the Delaware economy.  Our state's future is dependent on creating more small businesses like Bryan's.  He knows what they need to be successful!

Education is very important to Bryan.  He understands the value of getting a good education, whether it be a trade school, public, charter, private, or religious.  Without a good education, our future is sad.  His opponent fights all charter schools, even though they are successful in many cases.

Another are of concern to Bryan is the high cost of utilities in Delaware,especially in the Newark area.  Our rates are among the highest in the country and Bryan will work hard to achieve lower utility rates.

During my years as Mayor of Newark, I was amazed how many times I was told by members of all parties and persuasions "Do not have Representative Kowalko sponsor your Charter Change bill."  Although I can support some of his positions, the manner with which he presents them is wrong.

We need Bryan Rash.  He understands us and knows how we can have a better life.


Vance Funk

Retired Mayor City of Newark

I have known the Rash family since 2003. Bryan Rash is passionate about his family, faith, cars and politics. Our family's vehicles have been cared for by him since 2010.  In January 2018 Bryan Rash offered me a job at Peak Performance at the front desk.  Business is going strong.  My customer service skills and the great professional technicians that Peak Performance employs has allowed Bryan to take time to focus on his fourth passion - politics. Bryan is a man of integrity.  He is a good listener, friend and a fair boss. Vote RASH to be your hardworking representative for the 25th district.

Leanne Mankus

As a former Newark High School Yellow-jacket, University of Delaware football player, and a life-long Democrat, I am so excited to cast my vote for Republican Bryan Rash this November. I was born in the 25th district; my family has been here since 1967. My father and uncle were both heavily involved with the Democratic Party. 

As a life-long Democrat, I am disappointed in what our party has become. From the extreme focus on impeaching the president, the Democratic Party has become out of touch with its voters. It’s time for a change not only in our district but Dover.

We need somebody who holds principles and not promises, someone who will bring integrity to Dover and end the name calling. We need someone who will invest in and appreciate the innovation coming from the University of Delaware, whether it’s the Delaware First project or the S.T.A.R Health Campus.

My family and I 100% support Bryan Rash and I call on all Democrats to give Bryan a chance to bring a better future to Dover. Do it for your kids and our future!

David, Democrat from Newark

Bryan is dedicated to his business and staff and it shows in the quality of work performed, and the smiles on his staff's faces.  He thinks outside the box to get issues resolved quickly.  This will serve him well when handling larger issues within our diverse community. 

Sonja Baggett

I am impressed with Bryan's work ethic.  He has been on my doorstep 3 times since June!  He listens and wants to know what is important to me and my community.  I want that in my local representative. 

Kevin Riley

As a business Owner he knows where money comes from and where it goes.  I can trust him not to raise our taxes and grow government willy nilly. 

Lakisha Thomas

Bryan Rash has our vote.  He knows how to build bridges of cooperation with others to get things done in our community. 

Joe & Sandy Caignon

He's fair and impartial in his dealings with people and he's passionate about Newark and our local community.  That's why there's a Bryan Rash sign in my yard. 

Renee Fisher

As a small business owner, I have trusted Bryan to service my vehicles and equipment for over 5 years.  He goes the extra mile to keep us running.  And I trust him to serve our community the same way. 

Chip Hobbs

I have lived in Newark since 1985.  I have a bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware.  I have worked in Newark for more than 20 years, and I am voting for Bryan Rash.  He has the heart of a servant.  He has served his family, his community as a volunteer, and the local economy with his business.  He has a discerning mind, making decisions based on his faith, his intellect, and the facts.  We need a Representative in Dover who has a sharp mind and a caring heart.  I am excited to vote for Bryan Rash on November 6.

— Doug Wasgatt

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